Using sustainable technologies

Passionate about the environment

The environment is high on everyone’s agenda and we are best placed to offer good honest advice about what measures best suit a project as well as having had first hand experience of installing new technology.

Fabric first is an approach that is best adopted – we recently undertook a retrofit refurbishment of holiday units in Cornwall, increasing the insulation properties of the units in the first instances.

We work closely with Parity projects carrying out home energy assessments and giving Retrofit advice to property owners.

We work with Charteroak estates on Passive-haus lodge design and off grid energy supply such as the use of natural lakes as heat pumps or farm waste to power digesters.

We have also installed the following technologies:

  • Air source heat pumps
  • Ground source heat pumps
  • Solar PV – Sand hoft flat panels
  • Solar thermal
  • Wood burning boilers

It is not just about the “eco bling” on site, we back this up and have carried out studies on the cost benefits of segregating waste and wherever possible segregate plasterboard, brick, rubble, cardboard and plastics on our sites.

Why a not have a chat with David about your scheme.